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The first stage of our cooperation with Hubertas Petruzis was from December, 2009 till October 2010. Hubertas helped us to improve our Paper Product operations by introducing us to LEAN, Kaizen and Six Sigma methodologies.

We had a number of workshops for production and administration employees where they were presented with LEAN tools and techniques by means of theoretical modules, as well as, immediate practical applications of those instruments. So, gradually our production units started successfully using more and more of LEAN tools.

Those efforts had a significant impact on production process. The set-up time of production line was reduced from 4 to 2 hours, not only allowing the direct savings of valuable production time (we have approximately 25 set-ups per month), but, also, improving the flexibility of the process. It helped us to produce more and increase our profit.

Shorter set-ups allowed us to process smaller orders and, improve reaction time to market needs and to reduce the inventory. Now, we are running +70% production with much less inventory – in a course of the project it was reduced by 1 million litas and those resources we have used for other business purposes.

We have upgraded our professional training system that helped us to bring operator skills to a higher level.
Our Paper production facility currently is running on the level that was hard to imagine before the LEAN project start.

Now, we are in the second stage of LEAN implementation. With the assistance from Hubertas Petruzis we are now working on improving three other production facilities: Hardboard, Corrugated Board and Wood Product.

Vigmantas Kazukauskas
AB “Grigiškės” Business Development Director