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Kedainiai policlinics

People that are visiting healthcare institutions quite often encounter with uncomfortable situations: are being pushed around from one room to another, queues, poor information, etc. Our attempts to improve the situation were giving only temporary effect. So, we understood that a systematic approach is needed.

In June, 2010 we started the Process Optimization Training Program with the consultant Hubertas Petruzis. We have formed two project groups in a course of the very first workshop. Those two groups started working on Surgery and Medical Procedure & Testing service improvement. The groups used LEAN tools and started with direct process observations, identifying non-value-added activities, putting away all preconceived ideas and observing the actual workflow from patient’s perspective.

In several months time more project groups were formed that started working on improvements in Dental Care, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and Psychology Departments. Other employees, noticing positive changes started coming up with improvement suggestions.

After some time patient queues were reduced in many areas, the medical personnel time became more effectively utilized, direct savings were achieved by improving the procedure for medical instrument sterilization.

Significant changes were implemented in EMS. Patient emergency call reaction time improved, a number of cases when there was no available medical crew in a case of emergency call was reduced, etc. EMS personnel started actively participating in improvement work.

We are happy with all those changes. LEAN has taught us to cooperate on a different level, to listen to every opinion and, finally, by working together to achieve a better results

CEO of Kedainai Policlinics
Audrone Rimkeviciene