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AMG (Furniture Industry Components)

In spring of 2009 we started a one year LEAN project with Hubertas Petruzis.

We started with introducing orderliness (5S) in production and warehouse. We have implemented a number of production flow improvements, reduced dowel manufacturing line set-up time from 8 to 3 hours.

In acourse of the project we achieved production and sales volumes growth by 2 times with the same workforce and without any significant investment.
This has a significant impact on Company bottom line situation. We are very proud of this achievement, having in mind that this growth was achieved in a context of severe economic crisis.

Improvement is a never-ending process: employees are growing day-by-day, operations improving, support systems emerging. Today, I can’t imagine my Company without LEAN system in place – we simply would have disappeared from the market.

LEAN helped involving employees into continuous improvement process. We don’t any more hear the phrase “my boss told me to do the job this way” – we are solving our problems together and putting all our energy to improve the production flow even more. KAIZEN has become our daily practice.

Arnoldas Jonaitis
Director, AMG, JSC