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H. Petruzis is a Lean practitioner with 15 year experience in consulting and significant managerial experience.
Key competence areas: Lean System, Six Sigma and Kaizen.

Hubertas assists companies in strengthening their market position by improving their:

  • Internal processes,
  • Strategy,
  • Employee involvement.

Cooperates with Lean experts from US, Germany, France and Japan.


Tetsuya Imura
T. Imura is the Director of Japan based consulting company STI.

He has a 20 year experience with Lean or Toyota Production System (TPS).

Since 1989 he was working in a various managing positions in Omron Aso, Japan with TPS implementation responsibility.

Currently, T.Imura is working as a consultant to a number of German, Belgian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, etc. companies.